What We Do Here


VIP Brand Accelerate

Through this program, you'll gain clarity on your personal brand and marketing strategy, providing you with a clear vision and helping you identify the skills you need to upgrade.

You'll dive deep into your brand's essence and emerge with a strategic roadmap for success—all in just one month. Get started with Finding the YOU in Your Brand now!


Dazzle Course

Dazzle is a unique Digital Course that helps Start-Up businesses, entrepreneurs, and One Man/Woman Brands develop a brand that will attract clients in a time frame that suits you without confusion, tech overwhelm, or imposter syndrome so you can attract your ideal clients that pay you what you are worth without that 'icky' feeling of selling. Get started with the course now!


Soul Plan Reading

Your birth name holds the secrets to your Soul Plan – a blueprint for this lifetime.

These vibrations interact with the universe, aligning you with people, opportunities, and situations designed to help you fulfill your soul's chosen purpose in this lifetime. Book your Soul Plan Reading now!

Benefits of working with Sally


Learn ways to carefully share your message, whether that be in person, through your marketing materials or social media platforms.


Learn ways to grow and express yourself without feeling uncomfortable.  Best of all you can be part of our amazing network of fellow entrepreneurs.


What is your learning style or budget?  We offer affordable packages for every stage of your business. Customized to what you need.


I love helping!

Especially new business owners and entrepreneurs to gain clarity and confidence around their personal branding.

It was only when my 3 girls become older that I found myself in a position to build a business, but boy did I struggle, nothing seemed to work or go right.  I delved into marketing, technology and social media, with little to show, before I realised I needed help from a coach, a person who had done it before.

This help gave me time and space to still spend quality time with my family - one of my daughters is in Australia, one in London and another in Sheffield, so this does entail a fair bit of travelling, but through coaching I found I found my ideal balance.

I spent years trying to gain clients, leaving money on the table, but worse than that, lots of people who needed what I offered, but I hadn't made my offering clear, so that potential clients knew that I could help them.

As part of developing my business model, I hired a coach to teach me how to get good at this AND learnt a ton of great tips and tricks that I have now put into my signature course - 'VIP BRAND ACCELERATE'.

My first group of students came away with great feedback that showed that inspite of being business owners for several years that they were now able to view their business in a new way.

This new perspective encouraged creativity, energy and enthusiasm to share their product or service without feeling awkward to be the person sharing what they do.

Sally is THE go to person for weekly training, networking, self study or one to one coaching; to help you Build Your Personal  Brand and share your authentic self with the world.