Most people have a weak Personal Brand... harsh?  Yes... but sadly it's true. When we become entrepreneurs, we either get super busy working on our product or service, or we focus on the things we think will get us clients.

For the most part, that includes things like picking logos, fonts, colours and more... these things are important, but they don't often get the heart of what it means to know your own personal brand.

I know that I was most definitely one of those people.  I thought that because I had a website, a business card and a service that was enough... but it wasn't.

My work/programmes are tailored for individuals who may not yet grasp the significance of personal branding but recognize the need for effective marketing.

I specialize in guiding people who are looking to transition from the corporate world to their own thriving businesses. I emphasize that, before embarking on marketing endeavors, it's crucial to build a strong personal brand.

I promise that by engaging with what I teach, you will first establish a compelling personal brand. This will then put you on the path to entrepreneurial success, help you find the work-life balance you desire, and enable you to create a thriving business aligned with your personal brand and values.

Share your message, uplevel your business & become  unstoppable


VIP Brand Accelerate

Through this program, you'll gain clarity on your personal brand and marketing strategy, providing you with a clear vision and helping you identify the skills you need to upgrade.

You'll dive deep into your brand's essence and emerge with a strategic roadmap for successโ€”all in just one month.

Dazzle Course

Dazzle is a unique Digital Course that helps Start-Up businesses, entrepreneurs, and One Man/Woman Brands develop a brand that will attract clients in a time frame that suits you without confusion, tech overwhelm, or imposter syndrome so you can attract your ideal clients that pay you what you are worth without that 'icky' feeling of selling

Soul Plan Reading

Your birth name holds the secrets to your Soul Plan โ€“ a blueprint for this lifetime.

These vibrations interact with the universe, aligning you with people, opportunities, and situations designed to help you fulfill your soul's chosen purpose in this lifetime.


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Uncover your brand's hidden potential with my treasure trove of freebies! From my FREE Client Attraction Masterclass to the eye-opening "Are You in Control of Your Personal Brand?" quiz, and the essential 30 C's in Branding, you'll find everything you need to elevate your brand. Plus, explore my resource page packed with strategies, templates, and guides curated to help you create an irresistible presence that captivates your audience. Let's make your brand shine!


Invite me for Speaking

Sally Inkster, Personal Brand Stylist and experienced speaker, has captivated audiences at numerous events across the UK. As an active member of networking groups like Women in Business Networking (WIBN), she delivers engaging and insightful presentations on personal branding and styling. Book a call to discuss how Sally can make your event a success.

"Every time Sally has spoken or trained on any of my events, I've not had to worry about a thing and everyone has said what a wonderful time they had. And she's very, very inspiring and very knowledgeable and she's just fabulous."

Susie Sprigg
Women In Business Network (WIBN)

3 Decisions You Should Make When You Want To Grow Your Business


Know that, to succeed in a busy marketplace, it requires that you are visible and for your followers to identify with you (aka your brand). 


The second decision is deciding to show up 100% from hereon in.  Ditch the excuses and replace them with reasons to succeed. 


The third decision is all about being courageous through adversity; it's going to require a new level of commitment from you that you haven't known how to create before.  This applies even when it feels uncomfortable and shows little in the way of return.

Some stat's you might want to know...


"Sally really takes her time with you and doesn't rush so I felt so taken care of in the session."

I had a brand awareness audit yesterday with Sally and I would really recommend others to have one done. She goes into so much detail with many different aspects such as your personality, your skills, how your business and you are seen by others etc. I have walked away with so many nuggets that I can work on. Sally really takes her time with you and doesn't rush so I felt so taken care of in the session. I look forward to working on and paying more attention to everything we discussed. Thank you so much Sally.

Jeyanthi Nair

Registered Nutritional Therapist / Health Coach


Take my Personal Brand Quiz and unlock how to use your Personal Brand to grow your business.

Get valuable feedback to confidently enhance your Personal Brand.


BRANDING... It's so much more than your logo and colours... it's the lasting impression you leave with everyone who finds you... in person or online.

I love helping!

Especially new business owners and entrepreneurs to gain clarity and confidence around their personal branding.

It was only when my 3 girls become older that I found myself in a position to build a business, but boy did I struggle, nothing seemed to work or go right.  I delved into marketing, technology and social media, with little to show, before I realised I needed help from a coach, a person who had done it before.

This help gave me time and space to still spend quality time with my family - one of my daughters is in Australia, one in London and another in Sheffield, so this does entail a fair bit of travelling, but through coaching I found I found my ideal balance.

I spent years trying to gain clients, leaving money on the table, but worse than that, lots of people who needed what I offered, but I hadn't made my offering clear, so that potential clients knew that I could help them.

As part of developing my business model, I hired a coach to teach me how to get good at this AND learnt a ton of great tips and tricks that I have now put into my signature course - 'VIP BRAND ACCELERATE'

My first group of students came away with great feedback that showed that inspite of being business owners for several years that they were now able to view their business in a new way.

This new perspective encouraged creativity, energy and enthusiasm to share their product or service without feeling awkward to be the person sharing what they do.


"The information... Sally shared are something I shall go back to time and time again."

Leaving my role as Marketing Director and moving into consultancy seemed like the perfect time to have a session with Sally on my personal brand, and it was! The information and thought processes Sally shared are something I shall go back to time and time again. Thanks Sally - You're Fab!


Former Marketing Director of Chester Zoo


Featured In


"I always learn new things when speaking with Sally. she is positive, knowledgeable and very generous"

I had a Soul Plan by Sally and it really was amazing. Just by using my name she gave me insight into my life from past to present and gave me guidance on what next steps I should take within my business. It truly was eye-opening, I have since found it really helpful when making decisions in my future ventures in relation to work and home which has given me clarity and purpose that aligns with my brand.

In the past, I have worked with Sally and she helped me rebrand with her online training and 121 support. I always learn new things when speaking with Sally, she is positive, knowledgeable and very generous.

Caroline Sidney Payne

Owner at Admin Tick

Sally is THE go to person for weekly training, networking, self study or one to one coaching; to help you Build Your Personal  Brand and share your authentic self with the world.