I help entrepreneurs create a brand & style that 'WOWS' & creates a memorable first impression

Let me show you how!


The North West’s Leading Brand Stylist.

Does your wardrobe and your business brand sell the real you and how you help others? 

Brand, like fashion, changes with the seasons.  To keep both you and your business looking relevant, you need to revamp and update both regularly. 

If you're like most people, you probably just wing it, with some go to styles and that you feel comfortable with but won't cut it if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Whilst that may be comfy for you, that isn't going to cut it in our visually driven world that is looking for the best in whatever they need help with... even if you are or your product is totally top class.

That's where I come in... my motto is 'let's not leave this to chance, let's stand out from the crowd and make a lasting and compelling first impression'.

We all come to this at different stages and with different needs, so to simplify this, please pick the key area that you want to look at first...

What do you want to work on first?


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About Me

Hi I'm Sally and for 12 years I've been the go to Stylist for my leading ladies, many of whom are 2nd career entrepreneurs looking for ways to attract their perfect clients through the power of their own unique brand and style. By standing out from the social media 'crowd', I help people like you to move between work and life by creating an authentic representation of you, your business and your values that flows effortlessly regardless of the occasion. Whether that be a networking event, conference or a restaurant. Together we'll ensure that your message is clear, stylish and compelling.

To see how my eldest daughter had reinvented herself to be what she wanted to be seen as starting at a new school.......
and I realised that over the years this is what I had done many times and that this is what so many of us want to do! 

I found my confidence growing as I changed my style ... being an 'older entrepreneur' I didn't feel any different to when I was younger... yet I thrived and attracted clients by how I presented me and my message to the wortld... when social media started to take off, I was one of the first ladies to grow a social media following that attracted clients.

I have learnt the power of how to project the most autehtic and compelling 'me'.

It's ever more important to showcase ourselves in the right way, by painting a picture that we are proud to share with the world... without this our confidence can wobble and we get lost in the online world. 

Ensuring consistency in message, brand and style has been the biggest lessons I have learnt as an entrepreneur.  Enabling fellow entrepreneurs to find their inner diva and be confident in owning this is my biggest reward.

Want to join me for 'Putting More You Into Your Brand' - my NEW online course?

Is it time to get found and get more clients?  Brand is often the one thing that is missing and is THE most important part when trying to grow your business.

Let's get your brand and style clear;  enabling you to shout about it with confidence.


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