What's a Soul Plan Reading all about?

It's your compass to discovering your true self, your life purpose, your innate talents, and the challenges that might be holding you back from realizing your full potential. It's the key to living your soul's purpose and your most fulfilling life.

Let's tackle those big questions:

🌟 "Why am I here? What is my life purpose?"

🌟 "What are my strengths, and how can I turn them into a livelihood that's fulfilling, helpful to others, and pays the bills?"

🌟 "Why does life feel like an ongoing struggle, leaving me feeling stuck?"

If You've ever felt that there's something deeper, something more for you, but it's just out of grasp, a Soul Plan Reading can provide the clarity you're seeking!

In a world where personal branding is crucial for success, understanding your true self is the first step towards crafting an authentic and compelling brand

your inner core

Discover Your Authentic Identity

Your Soul Plan delves into the very core of who you are. It unravels the unique qualities and gifts that make you, you. By recognizing your natural abilities and understanding your soul's intentions, you gain a profound understanding of your authentic identity.

values and aspirations

Your Brand, Your Soul's Purpose

A strong personal brand resonates with your innermost values and aspirations. The insights gained from your Soul Plan Reading provide clarity on your soul-level goals and destiny. This knowledge empowers you to align your personal brand with your soul's purpose, creating a brand identity that's not only unique but deeply meaningful.

get guidance

Limiting Beliefs and Challenges

Many personal branding obstacles stem from limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Your Soul Plan Reading provides guidance on overcoming these challenges, enabling you to present your brand with confidence and authenticity.

Soul Plan Reading is not just a journey of self-discovery;
it's a powerful tool to enhance your personal brand.


Your birth name holds the secrets to your Soul Plan – a blueprint for this lifetime. These vibrations interact with the universe, aligning you with people, opportunities, and situations designed to help you fulfill your soul's chosen purpose in this lifetime.






Meet Sally Inkster

As a certified Soul Plan reader, I understand that many people seek to infuse their businesses with soul, yet the soul often remains elusive. If you've ever felt that there's something deeper, something more for you, but it's just out of grasp, a Soul Plan Reading can provide the clarity you're seeking.

Do you ever feel like something essential is missing in your journey of running your business with heart and soul? I get it.

That's why I've added Soul Plan Reading to my toolbox.

It's not just an addition; it's a revelation.

Invest in your soul, and start living your potential

  • A one-on-one session with Sally Inkster.

  • Preparation of your personalized Star of Creation chart in advance.

  • An in-depth video call session (via Zoom/Skype) to explore your chart, focusing on how your worldly and spiritual talents can help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

  • Expert advice and actionable steps to align your life path with your soul purpose.

  • A Soul Plan Clearing and Re-Alignment Healing session.

  • A voice recording of the session and a downloadable PDF of your chart for your reference.

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Act now to discover the path that will lead you to greater self-awareness and personal fulfillment.


Ann Girling

I approached Sally for a soul plan reading after hearing from someone else how powerful it was for her. I have been reflecting on my business for a few weeks and invested in various bits of training and this seemed the perfect remaining piece of jigsaw that I was looking for. I guess the main questions I wanted answers to were: ‘Am I on the right path?’ and ‘What else could I add in’. Over the past 18 months I have been building my own personal brand and possibly taking the path less travelled in my network marketing business but it just felt right. And having the soul plan reading confirmed that I am right and it has given me the confidence to go forward into 2024 and build my business in a way that feels perfectly aligned and will bring me the joy to continue my work at nearly 74 years of age!


Chloe Palmer

Sally did my soul map reading and despite being very nervous and skeptical she put me at ease straight away. She explained everything thoroughly and bought me in to such a calmer mindset. She is clearly passionate and very skilled with what she does and is friendly and professional, and happy to go at a pace that suits you. I can’t believe how much of the reading that she gave resonated with me. I took so much from the session and related to so much of what Sally said. She also mentioned things which nobody could have possibly known and gave depth and meaning to my journey.
I left my session feeling so focused on what my true goals were and felt calmer and clearer about my future path all thanks to Sally and her incredible skills.


Louise McCann

Recently, I had the profound experience of receiving a soul reading from Sally. Her insights were not only deeply accurate but also incredibly enlightening. The clarity and understanding she provided resonated deeply with my innermost feelings and experiences. Through her guidance, I've come to accept certain situations in my life that I once thought I could change. I now recognise these as intrinsic parts of my journey. With Sally's help, I feel empowered to face these recurring situations, developing strategies and systems to overcome and navigate them with grace.
I truly appreciate the genuine care and precision with which Sally approached my reading, revealing aspects of myself that were previously uncharted.

Uncover Your True Self

Elevate Your Personal Brand

Our Soul Plan Reading is a transformative journey that reconnects you with your true self, helping you understand your innermost desires and the path your soul intended.

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