Is this you?

  • You're a small business owner, entrepreneur, or one-man band struggling to develop a brand that attracts your ideal clients

  • You feel uncomfortable, awkward, or lack confidence when it comes to highlighting your unique elements

  • You're overwhelmed by tech and don't want to become a professional copywriter just to craft converting copy

  • You want to attract clients who pay you what you're worth without feeling "icky" about selling

If you can relate to any of these,

then the Dazzle program is for you!

The Dazzle program is designed to help you quickly and effectively identify your digital identity without losing the essence of YOU!

Personal Brand isn't about departing from the reality that is you, your product or your service.

It is about being real in the real world and translating that into a compelling digital message!

In just a few hours we will take you from Confusion to Clarity.

What Do You Get?

Dazzle is a unique Digital Course that helps Start-Up businesses, entrepreneurs, and One Man/Woman Brands develop a brand that will attract clients in a time frame that suits you without confusion, tech overwhelm, or imposter syndrome so you can attract your ideal clients that pay you what you are worth without that 'icky' feeling of selling

Today’s Price = £199

Why this Program?

  • Is tailored to your specific needs and challenges

  • Helps you create an authentic brand that reflects who you are

  • Offers a comprehensive approach covering all aspects of personal branding

  • Provides a proven system that has helped countless others achieve success

  • Gives you expert guidance from Sally Inkster, your personal brand stylist

  • Is time-efficient, helping you go from confusion to clarity in just a few hours

  • Includes practical tools and templates to simplify the branding process

  • Boosts your confidence and helps you communicate your unique strengths

  • Attracts your ideal clients who value what you offer and pay you what you're worth

  • Represents an investment in your success, leading to increased visibility, authenticity, and profitability

Don't miss this opportunity to take your personal brand to the next level with the Dazzle program!

Today’s Price = £199

About ME

Most people have a weak Personal Brand... harsh?  Yes... but sadly it's true. When we become entrepreneurs, we either get super busy working on our product or service, or we focus on the things we think will get us clients.

For the most part, that includes things like picking logos, fonts, colours and more... these things are important, but they don't often get the heart of what it means to know your own personal brand.

I know that I was most definitely one of those people.  I thought that because I had a website, a business card and a service that was enough... but it wasn't.


Personal Brand Stylist


“Sally provided an in-depth insight into how your personal brand should contribute to your business”

I met Sally at a Networking event at which she was doing a talk about personal branding. This is not something I had really thought about before, but I was very keen to find out more and signed up to do her Dazzle course and to have a discussion with her afterwards.

Sally provided an in-depth insight into how your personal brand should contribute to your business. She has made me realise that I am who I am as a result of my experiences, and that the person I am significantly impacts the type of business I have. She has also persuaded me that it is important to share some of what my experiences have made me with clients and potential clients to give them a clearer picture of who I am, and what my business is all about.

I would definitely recommend Sally if you are looking for some direction as to how to market yourself and your business.

Louise Spurdle

BarnsChapel Costs and Mediation.


“My brand now feels natural, aligned and authentiC”

I completed Sally's Dazzle course and had a follow-up 121 session to help put my thoughts into a coherent pattern. I loved the Storytelling section which helped me to really crystalise my brand story. It now feels natural, aligned and authentic and has given me a good foundation to build my brand around. Thanks Sally.

Ellie Lloyd-JonesE

Elevate with Ellie


"insightful and thought provoking... authentic, manageable and easy to action”

I completed Sally's Dazzle course and it set me off on a great process of reinventing and rebranding my company. I found it insightful and thought provoking, but also really authentic, manageable and easy to action.

Sally is a warm and uplifting person and I always come aware both inspired and smiling when I have spent time with her. Keep shining bright Sally!


Stay Curious Travel Limited

Ready to Dazzle your audience and attract your ideal clients? Don't wait any longer to invest in your personal brand.

Today’s Price = £199

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