What is Personal Brand?

You are a BRAND!

Standing out in a crowd is no longer an option; it's a necessity!

A personal brand is what used to be your reputation, gained over time by word and mouth in a small company, a small town or village.

Reputation means credibility -

Credo - Latin - 'to be trusted, believable.'

But today and in the present climate, it is even more critical than it ever was! (reputation has always been necessary).

Lots of my clients say;-

'I know what I do but'...

'I don't know how to'...

Talk about it.

Describe it.

Show what value I give.

Develop my branding.

It would be best if you took control of your brand.

If you leave it to chance, then your brand will grow, but it will be what someone else thinks you are and that can be a million miles away from the authentic you.

Leaving your brand unmonitored is like driving a car around a bend with your hands off the wheel!

We can all think of celebrities who have a very clearly defined personal brands.

  • Oprah Winfrey.
  • Richard Branson.
  • The Beckham family.
  • Trump.
  • George Clooney.

I find that my clients get confused between the following...

Brand and Branding

Brand is who you are!

Branding is how you show it and how it makes others feel.

A personal brand is different from a Product brand or a Business Brand.

When you are a...

  • Business owner
  • Employee
  • Graduate
  • Job hunter

You need a personal brand, it should come first, and then any business comes under that umbrella, even if you have a few.

Your personal brand is your workhorse, once defined it can help you in immeasurable ways;-

  • You are building your business by showing precisely what you do.
  • You are showing your message.
  • You are stating your vision.
  • You are telling your story.

All these grow connections with your potential ideal clients.

It can communicate;-

  • Your value.
  • Your history and experience.
  • The skills you have developed.
  • Your strengths.
  • Your personal and business values.
  • Your integrity.
  • Your personality.
  • Creates confidence in yourself.
  • Gives your clients confidence in you.

Have you ever put your name into Google incognito? - it can be an eye-opener!

Often what we see is not what we wanted or expected.

I believe Personal Brand covers three significant areas - my 3 PH's are an acid test for any business!

Philosophy - who you are and what you stand for.

Physicality - what you show up like, your physical being, your energy and your colours.

Phenomenon - of the business you have, the uniqueness the first two give you that you use in your industry.

 These three put together to give you a robust, effective and visible personal brand.


Sally Inkster

Finding Brand YOU!

What is a personal Brand?

''It's who you are, your values and beliefs and the ENERGY you bring to all you do''


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