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Uncategorized Jan 11, 2022

Last Christmas my husband bought me a book, which I could say changed my life!

That may seem a little extreme but not read on...

The book  - The Wim Hof Method - Activate Your Potential, Transcend Your Limits!

Now before I start to tell you about this let me tell you about me...

I am a complete woos in the cold, I hate cold weather, it takes me 10 mins to get into a swimming pool and I promise I had never had a cold shower - I would rather go without any shower! 😂

Bear Grylls says that “Wim is a legend of the power ice has to heal and empower”.

We have all heard of rugby players who have had ice baths to heal their sore muscles, but I didn't see myself doing that 🤣

This is the preface that had me hooked...

Would you like to have more energy, less stress, and a stronger immune system?

Well yes, I would like all 3 of those please and I'm guessing many of you would too!

The man by his own admission is slightly crazy, but all his claims have been researched, tested and tested again - to a positive outcome!

Having an ice-cold shower every morning is only one of his recommendations, but the one that seemed like my biggest a challenge and so on Boxing Day 2021 I started.

Here is what he says...

  1. At the end of your warm shower, turn the water to cold
  2. Gradually extend your exposure every day until you can handle two minutes in the cold.
  3. These are the benefits he describes you can have

Just doing this you will improve your

  1. Metabolic efficiency,
  2. Regulate your hormones,
  3. Reduce inflammation,
  4. Release endorphins and endocannabinoids in response to the cold.

This is what I feel has improved and developed for me since starting...

  • I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone daily
  • My general health and well-being have improved
  • I have activated my immune response daily (I've had no cold, flu or anything else
  • I've found a way to quieten my mind and do a few minutes of meditating
  • My mindset has improved

And with the added benefit of doing his breathing technique which he also recommends and I've done, not daily and not to be done whilst having a cold shower...

  • I've learnt to control my breathing beyond anything I have before
  • This has again helped my busy mind
  • I can do 31 full press-ups - (a year ago it was only a few on my knees)

and these are only the things I can measure, I also believe it has kept a few health issues at bay but I have no way of proving that except 'that's what my gut says'.

And all that in only 1 - 5 mins a day

Too good to be true?

I promise you it is not...

How has this affected my business?

The ability to quieten my mind has helped me focus.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone is something I will never like, but I’m happy and prepared to do it every day and if I can do the cold shower, I can do anything!

My energy has increased and that is shown in how I come over, in person and in my Personal Brand.

My belief in myself and my abilities has grown.

I have control over something I used to shy away from (getting into a cold pool or going out in the cold). 

Will I be continuing? YOU BET!

I challenge you to try it - If you want some help around mindset or how to use all these wonderful benefits in your business then please get in touch for a...

20 minute - getting to know you call...

 Love to chat!

If you want a chat on how Personal Brand can help you step out of your comfort zone, then book a Free Powerful Coaching  with me... 

Yes please!

Look forward to chatting

How else can you help me Sally?

Love Sally x

Sally Inkster

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