At Last!

The Friday before last was our youngest daughters Graduation of a First Class Honours Degree From Sheffield Hallam - a year and a half late! 


Better late than never! 

After doing her dissertation at home, and then graduating with an email, she definitely deserved her day in a gown! 

We were of course proud parents! 

She invited a friend to come out for supper with us... 

Her friend was lovely and so excited
She had never been to the chain of restaurants we went to
she had never had truffles
She saved all the prosecco corks 

The whole time she was very open about everything and enjoyed herself immensely which was so engaging! 

It made me think of what I was like at that age... 

I wouldn't have been as open or as honest as her, my overwhelming instinct would have been to have fit in - I was brought up in a single parent family and we didn't have many treats or experiences and I would not have owned up to my lack of these or experience in general. 

Looking back - knowing what I do now and having the wisdom of age and hindsight I came to realise a few years ago now that it is so much more valuable to own your Personal Brand of... 

⭐Who you are,
Where you've come from
What you stand for
How you help! - 

This allows people to understand you, share and recognise your emotions 

How much do you alter yourself to fit in rather than being true to ourselves and standing out in a positive way? 

Our confidence is often marred by our upbringing, but it doesn't have to be, and you can change how you view your story whenever you want - It is a choice! 

20 minute - getting to know you call  Love to chat!

If you want a chat on how Personal Brand can help you rewrite your story, then book a Free Powerful Coaching  with me... 

Yes please!


How else can you help me Sally?


Love Sally x

Sally Inkster

Finding Brand YOU!

What's a personal Brand?

''It's who you are, your values and beliefs and the ENERGY you bring to all you do''



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