Create and share your brand in 30 days

It's time to get a clear vision of how your product or service will help you attract customers - so much so, you have a steady stream of new clients


Are you looking to stand out from the crowd either on or offline?

We've all done this...

We come across an entrepreneur or business owner and from the moment you hear what they do, you just know that you 'click' with what they have to say.

I think that these people are like diamonds in the sky - they sparkle. Or may be a better description from me would be that they are like sequins on a fabulous dress!

We can't always put our finger on it, but they leave an impression and yet others share the same sentiment when their name, product or service comes up in conversation.

So what was it that gave you a sense of familiarity and trust?
I'll let you in on their secret in just a moment, but before I do I want to share what you need to know...

These people aren't sharing anything unique or profound.

Their words and presentation wasn't the best you'd ever seen.

They weren't more gifted or talented than you.

The real reason you feel that zing of connection was this...

They were clear on their brand and sharing their uniqueness.

They chose that they were not going to get lost in the busyness of their competitors... in fact they don't even worry about their competition, as they know that what they offer is shared in a way only they can.

Why putting YOU into your brand is a key ingredient to success...

Let's talk about the elephant in the room.

Truth is that your business is not growing as fast as you'd hoped. 

Isn't that something that can make you feel like you should go back to your old job and forget this thing called entrepreneurship... after all, how many people told you that you just need to get a job and that'll be safe.... hmmmm... didn't work so well for employees of BHS, BonMarche or Thomas Cook!

Which brings back to that word that I just mentioned... HOPE... it is NOT a business growth strategy I'd recommend, yet I see so many people using this as the way to find their next clients.


It’s much more about letting people see the real you... as that is the new currency for success.

Look at the people who enter X-Factor... their talent existed long before the show, but they are catapulted to fame ... after making the most of how they look and speak... as well as how great they are at singing.

Same for us business owners... our talent isn't enough, we need to look and speak in a way that gets others to talk about us (in a good way) when we are not in the room.

That is all about your personal brand.

It can be the difference between chasing your next client, or them chasing you.
So, I'd love to show you how I have done this and have helped countless others do the same.
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It's time to stop the struggle!

Get clear, get focused and get found... in 30 days you'll have your business and personal brand so clear that there will be no stopping you!

If you are spending your time advertising, networking, posting on social media and aren't attracting raving fans, it's most likely because you haven't got clear and shared your personal brand.  It's so much more than a logo or your fonts.  Spend 30 days online with me and get super clear on your uniqueness and the special something that you bring to your clients.

Get Clear

Know your client and EXACTLY why you are able to help them NOW

Get Noticed

Stand out on-line - learn how to present the best YOU to your ideal clients

Get Clients

Learn the way to your clients hearts and minds by presenting an offer that speaks to them

"The three things that I took away from Sally's course were a clearer direction, greater confidence in myself and a tighter vision and description of my business for sharing with my ideal clients "

Photographer - UK


In just 30 days, you will go from being confused and overwhelmed about how to find your ideal client, by sharing the best version of you and your product or service. No more redesigning every few months - I will show you EXACTLY how your uniqueness is your biggest asset, when presented in the right way.

What we will cover

Brand You

Get clear on EXACTLY what you offer and how to wear and share that brand in ALL that you do

Brand Business

This is where your brand meets the world - if someone looks you up, what would they say about the products or services that you sell - let's make it so that they want to hire you!

Brand Vision

Get found by people who will connect with you and your business brand and choose to work with you

"Meeting Sally for the day has genuinely made such a difference to my day-to-day life whether it’s going to work, going to meet friends or going out I have a smile and that is something that I never used to have. I’m also getting married and to have the ability to make decisions and changes so that I can begin to love the skin I’m in means the world to me and it’s something you can’t put a price on."

Chloe Stevenson

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